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Windroos is designed by following the innovative windship design spiral.

With the following requirements: sailing cargo ship suited for ocean and coastal trading, a waterline length of 35,36 meter and a load capacity of 274 tons of goods, I started first with a historical research.
Different historical ships are examined.
In the nineteenth century, the Dutch trading company (NHM) allows ship owners to sail with smaller ships to the east. Some designers developed fast brigs and schooners. (See: Nederlandse schoeners en brikken ((Dutch schooners and brigs)) by Ron de Vos.
I redraw some of them and compared them with the small ships published in Bemastung und Takelung der Schiffe by F.L. Middendorf.
For Windroos I have used the lines of the Dutch three mast schooner, mainly for two reasons. First, the schooner has a V-bottom with sufficient space for ballast and tanks. Secondly, it can carry a modern sailing rig.
I redesigned totally the lines of the ancient hull.

I have decided to make a two-mast rigging. The masts are tripod masts: one main mast and two supporting masts. The masts are trapezium formed.
The foremast is a Dynarig and the second mast has a fore ad after sail. The Dynarig is needed to cross oceans with a downward wind and the fore and aft is needed to sail close to the wind along the coast. To set sails and to furl them can be done fully automatically.

Main dimensions Windroos
Length over all 38.09 m
Beam 8,33 m
Depth 5,85 m
Draft 4,25 m
Displacement 529 ton
Deadweight 274 ton
Sail area 481 m²

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