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Windpilot is designed by Ron de Vos and is a part of Windschip Project.


Windpilot is a pilot ship and will be part of a pilot project. The main purpose of this windpilot project is to come to an optimal design of a cargo ship which is 90% free of CO2 and can be copied very easily (think of the Liberty Project in WO2).

Purpose of windpilot project:
1. Ship. Test rigging and behavior of the ship.
2. Market. Which markets are profitable for sailing ships.
3. Harbors. Examine infrastructure of harbors.

The lines of windpilot are the result after examination dozens of line plans of sailing ships from the clipper period and early 20th centuries. The lines were optimized using the Holtrop resistance program and the CFD-program Open Foam.

The rigging of windpilot is a three-masted dynafregat, where all masts are equipped with dyna yards. Each sail can be set or furled electrically by one or two lines. The three masts exist, just as the other windships, of a tripod, one mainmast with two supporting masts. Each mast is trapezoidal.

Windpilot is a multipurpose ship that can be transported approximately 50 containers. The vessel will be used in the deep sea.

Main dimensions Windpilot
Length 60,35 m
Beam 13,80 m
Depth 9,90 m
Draft 6,50 m
Displacement 2.758 ton
Waterballast 500 ton
Deadweight 1.500 ton
50 TEU
Sail area 1.476 m²
Engine: E-propulsion
Electricity: batteries and solar cells
Flyer Windpilot

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