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Windliner is a concept of Ron de Vos in the sailing cargo trade.
Windliner can be used in the transportation of pallets and dry bulk goods. The vessel is suitable for coastal trade and deep sea.

The booming of four mast barques windjammers started in 1888 and lasted five years. The most famous building firm along the river Clyde was Russell & Co.
Not only the size of the ships increased, but also the quantity of masts. The midship was enlarged more forward and backward.
In that time hundreds of four mast barques were built. Russell & Co. launched between twenty and thirty ships per year.

The rig of Windliner is a four mast dynabarque, where three poles are fitted with dyna yards. Furthermore, the masts are provided with triangular sails. All these sails can be furled in and out. Each of the four poles exist, like the other windships, of a tripod, so a masthead with two supporting masts. Each mast is also again trapezoidal.

Main dimensions Windliner
Length over all 89,06 m
L.w.l. 86,55 m
Beam 13,00 m
Depth 9,47 m
Draft 6,50 m
Displacement 4.842 ton
Deadweight 2.802 ton
Sail area 2.463 m²

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