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Windfreighter is a concept of Ron de Vos in the sailing cargo trade.
Windfreighter is a bulkcarrier and specialized in the transportation of dry bulk goods. The vessel is suitable for deep sea.

The lines of the Windfreighter are based on the last great American clippers, which were built in the second half of the nineteenth century. Windfreighter is based on the drawings of the American designer Donald McKay. His large clipper ships reached speeds of around the twenty knots. The lines of Windfreighter I adapted.
The bow is in accordance with all windships and the poop is more square.

The rig of the Windfreighter is a four mast dynafregat, where all poles are fitted with dyna yards. Furthermore, the masts are provided with triangular sails. All these sails can be furled in and out. The four poles exist, as with the other windships, each consisting of a tripod, so a mast head with two supporting masts. Each mast is also again trapezoidal.

Main dimensions Windfreighter
Length over all 113,15 m
L.w.l. 107,85 m
Beam 18,46 m
Depth 12,35 m
Draft 8,80
Displacement 7.250 ton
Deadweight 4.250 ton
Sail area 4.268 m²
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