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Windclipperfregat is a concept of Ron de Vos in the sailing cargo trade.
Windclipperfregat can be used for dry bulk goods. The vessel is suitable for deep sea.


The lines of the windclipperfregat are based on the American clippers, like the Sovereign of the Seas. The American naval architect McKay designed the clipper, built in 1852. It was a sailing vessel notable for setting the 1854 world record for fastest sailing ship - 22 knots. Built by Donald McKay of East Boston, Massachusetts, Sovereign of the Seas was the first ship to travel more than 400 nautical miles in 24 hours.
On the second leg of her maiden voyage, she made a record passage from Honolulu, Hawaii to New York City in 82 days. She then broke the record to Liverpool, England, making the passage in 13 days 13.5 hours. In 1853, with one day of 340 miles, she was chartered by James Baines of the Black Ball Line, Liverpool for the Australia trade.
Liverpool - Melbourne 78 days
Melbourne - Liverpool 68 days

The rig of the windclipperfregat is a three mast dynafregat, where all poles are fitted with dyna yards. Furthermore, the masts are provided with triangular sails. All these sails can be furled in and out. The four poles exist, as with the other windships, each consisting of a tripod, so a mast head with two supporting masts. Each mast is also again trapezoidal.

Main dimensions Windclipperfregat
Length over all 74,85 m
L.w.l. 72,60 m
Beam 12,70 m
Depth 8,74 m
Draught 6,00 m
Displacement 3.002 ton
Deadweight 1.133 ton
Sail area 1.803 m²

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