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Windclipperbark is a new concept of Ron de Vos in the sailing cargo trade.
Windclipperbark will sail the oceans. The vessel will be used primarily for the transportation of cargo, as well as a bulkcarrier.

The clipper has unlike Windship I a round bottom. The fine lines of the windclipperbark are based on the fastest ship in the Dutch clipper era, Noach I (1857), built by the famous shipbuilder Fop Smit.
The lines have been slightly altered in order to meet the requirements of this time. The bow is in accordance of Windship I.

The rig of the windclipperbark is a three- mast dynabark, where the front two masts feature dynayards. On the mizzen mast is a triangular sail. The other masts can also bear triangular sails. All these sails can be furled in and out. The three masts are just like Windship I a tripod, so the main mast with two supporting poles. Each mast and pole is again trapezoidal.

Main dimensions Windclipperbark
Length waterline 51,36 m
Beam 11,19 m
Depth 7,58 m
Draft 5,45 m
Displacement 1.783 ton
Deadweight 1.100 ton
Sail area 1.121 m²
flyer Windclipperbark

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