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Historical research

At the end of the nineteenth century, the square riggers were built larger and larger. Due to the use of steel, but also because of competition with the steamship, the shipowners mainly caught their eye on large four-masted ships.
Wood was still built in America, but that did not last long. Although it was difficult for them to make the switch over to steel.

Astral (101,23 m. x 13,84 m. x 7,92 m.), a four-masted barque, was built at Servall in Bath in 1900. In 1902 Fore River Ship and Engine Company, Quincy, Massachusetts built the seven-masted schooner Thomas W. Lawson (112,24 m. x 15,2 m. x 10,75 m.) for the American captain John G. Crowley. The ship was drawn by the naval architect Bowdoin B. Crowninshield.
The largest four-masted barque ever built in England till then was Daylight in 1902. The vessel was 107,13 m. long, 14,96 m. wide and 8,6 m. deep. It could carry about 3.500 tons of cargo.

Due to government support beginning 1893, French shipowners built many ships. There was a booming in shipping in France, special on yards in Dunkirk. L'Union was the first iron French four-masted full ship to be built under this support. As a result, 228 large sailing ships have been built.

France II
Length hull 127,60 m.
Length molded 119,58 m.
Beam 16,93 m.
Depth of hold 9,20 m.
Draft 7,65 m.
Displacement 11.447 ton
Cb 0.71
Cp 0.77
Cx 0.92
LCB 61,01 m.
L/B 7,06

After 1870, several yards in Germany started to build iron barges and full ships. The yard of Joh. C. Tecklenborg, Geestemünde built the first five-masted barque Potosi (111,41 m. x 15,15 m. x 8,69 m.) in 1895 and in 1902 Preussen (124,29 m. x 16,88 m. x 8,26 m.), which at that time were the largest sailing ships in the world.

Length hull 124,00 m.
Length molded 117,53 m.
Beam 16,40 m.
Depth of hold 11,45 m.
Draft 7,61 m.
Displacement 10.338 ton
Cb 0.67
Cp 0.72
Cx 0.93
LCB 57,65 m.
L/B 7,21

One of the latest large German sailing ships was launched in 1921, the Magdalena Fins (117,50 m. x 14,60 m.). The ship now sails under Russian flag, under the name Sedov.
Windschip Project did carry out research to the hull and rig of those big ships and from there windcarrier was designed.

Main dimensions Windcarrier 8000:
Length over all 116,11 m
L.w.l. 113,55 m
Beam 20,70 m
Depth 14,20 m
Draft 9,33
Displacement 11.687 ton
Deadweight 7.998 ton
Sail area 4.541 m²


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