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Windbrik is a concept of Ron de Vos in the sailing cargo trade.

Windbrik is based on the last brigs beginning of the twentieth century. As is customary, there are some changes taken place in respect of the resistance. The hull has been extended to the waterline and the entry lines are adjusted. The stern has some adjustments, because the vessel will be equipped with an E-propulsion system.
The brig can carry twelve passengers who have their own salon, galley, cabins and deckhouse.
The parapet is ninety centimeters high. The crew are sleeping in the bow. The wheelhouse is also located in the bow. This is mainly done to improve the view of the sailing ship
The ship can carry 310 tons of cargo that can be loaded by a large center hatch.
The rigging consists of two tripod masts, which are trapezoidal in shape. The yards are bent. Each yard is separately operated and the sails are automatically put and secure. Between the masts is a staysail which can be fed to the wind to about 110 degrees. The mizzen mainly serves to easily maneuver the ship.

Main dimensions Windbrik
(wheelhouse in the bow)
Length over all 38,20 m
Beam 7,50 m
Depth 3,85 m
Draft 4,80 m
Displacement 561 ton
Deadweight 358 ton
Sail area 659 m²
Passengers 12

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