The Windschip Project

The main objective of Windschip Project is to design zero emission sailing cargo ships.
Realization of this objective is the preliminary design of modern cargo ships fully comply with the maximum CO2 reduction requirements and fall into the category of soft sails.
Windschip Project has so far developed the following sailing cargo ships for different markets: windschip I, windpilot, windroos, windclipperbark, windbrik, windclipperfregat, windfreighter, windhond, windschoenerbrik and windliner.
These windships are designed by the innovative windship design spiral. (For further details see the brochure Zero CO2 Ships in sea transport.)

Windschip Project consists: ten dossiers of different sailing cargo ships.

Every dossier consists of a concept design and a part of a preliminary design. See Terms of condition Nederlands Society of Yacht Designers and Naval Architects (NBJA), nr. 1.8.1 and 1.8.2a.

- When you are the owner of a windship dossier, you can invite interested people to talk seriously about building a Zero CO2 sailing cargo ship.
- A public institute can invite an entrepreneur or vice versa. They can talk with a dossier in their hands. Can we agree to build a ship that can promote our city or harbor in a durable way?
- A shipowner can invite his naval architect and show hem/her his idea of a windship.
- A cargo owner can now invite a shipowner and say to him: I want that my durable cargo will be transported on a durable way.
- The future shipowner can subscribe a fund and tell them that they have a very innovated plan to reduce CO2 in sea transport.
- The hobbyist can build his own model and promote with his windship the idea of durable transportation.
- With one of these documents in your hand you can start a crowdfunding campaign to build a sailing cargo ship.

At this moment all the dossiers are available: Windschip I, Windpilot, Windroos, Windclipperbark, Windclipperfregat, Windbrik, Windfreighter, Windhond, Windschoenerbrik and Windliner.

- Lines plan
- Sail plan
- General layout
- Deck layout
- Cargo plan
- Technical data
- A modified polar diagram
- A proposal for a voyage.
- Ron's Rig: a detailed description of the rig including the setting and furling the square sails.
All illustrated.

PRICE: € 750,00 (incl. VAT and porti)

You can mail us in case you want to buy one of the dossiers:
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